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yoga training course adelaide
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Course Requirements

This is an exciting comprehensive yoga asana and meditation teacher training course. It is comprised of online instructional material and assignments, online feedback on assignments, intensive workshops (either inperson or online) and assessment of student teaching.


Students will also complete various practical requirements such as observing other teachers and assisting at classes. Participants will need to have access to the internet and an email account, as all course material is supplied by email. Modules include links to online study material as well.

The course is divided into six modules. Students are required to read and understand the information provided, in some cases take part in inquiries related to the module, report on enquiry outcomes and demonstrate their understanding of the study material. Within each module there are assignments and comprehension and memory tests. 

Assistance is provided throughout the course in response to written assignments and an assessment of the student’s ability and understanding is provided during the ten intensive workshops and after the teacher training classes. In addition to the regular feedback during the course, the course director is available to provide additional assistance both during and after the course.

Who can take this course?

To successfully participate in this course, students must: 

1. Have a solid regular yoga asana practice for at least 2 years;

2. Be able to devote a minimum of six hours per week to the course for its duration; 


3. Have Internet access and an email account;

4. Have access to a digital camera and possibly the ability to take video footage.;

5. Be familiar with basic Veda Yoga Philosophy which is contained in the Introduction to Veda Yoga Philosophy link;

Course Requirements

During the course, you will be required to meet the following commitments:

1. Dedicate at least six hours per week to the study of modules and the completion of assignments.

2. Attend at least one teacher training yoga class per month if living near the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

3. If possible attend at least one asana class per week.

4. Attend all intensive workshops during the course which will be held online on in-person depending on circumstances.

5. Throughout the course attend at least 5 classes from a qualified yoga teacher as an observer.  


Extra-curricula Requirement

Your certification at the end of the course is dependent on you complete all the following requirements. 

  • Students are to maintain a log of their personal practice during the course. You will be given the log sheets with your initial documentation. Some activities need to be supported by a signature which is indicated on the log sheets. 

  • Two-three hours of asana practice each week including one yoga class.  

  • You must have a current First Aid certificate


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