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About the Teacher

Margaret Doyle (Vrndavan Dasi)




Margaret Doyle (Vrndavan Dasi), Founder and director of Veda Yoga Teacher Training, has been teaching yoga asana and meditation since 1998. Initially trained as a meditation teacher, in 1992 she found Robin Hansen an amazing yoga teacher who mentored her to become a yoga asana teacher. Margaret later began sharing her knowledge through her Veda Yoga Teacher Training Courses which have been held yearly in QLD since 2007. Margaret has also taught in Hawaii, Philippines and India.


Having practiced yoga asanas for over three decades, Margaret has also taught countless numbers of students in the past 16 years. The combination of her natural flair for creativity with her calm and peaceful demeanour helps students to connect with their practice in an uninhibited and accepting manner. Her style of teaching focuses on pure movement, breath and restoration.. Her approach to yoga teacher training is professional, supportive, encouraging, and caring.


From Vrndavan Dasi: 


“I have been studying yoga philosophy, meditation, asana, yogic breathing and relaxation since the 1970's in my quest to deepen my understanding on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and I have grown to appreciate holistic yoga for all its wonderful benefits. My health and energy have improved over the years and  my mind has calmed, I have learnt to listen to what my body is telling me, but best of all my appreciation for this wonderful journey of discovery of the real self has increased.


“I developed Veda Yoga Training in response to the need for a teaching style suited to the average person who has average fitness. The people who value my classes are those who are happy to chill out and get more flexible, stronger and healthier. I feel very fortunate and excited to be able to pass on what I have learned over the last 30 years. The teacher training course means that my students can also pass on the beautiful gift of yoga.”

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