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FAQs  - Applicable  to the 200 hour and 350 hour teacher training


  1. Are there more workshops added for 360 hours course compared to 200 hours course.       Answer: Both courses require the same 10 workshops which are held between February and December. 

  2. What happens if I miss a workshop because of sickness etc?                                                        Answer: If the reason for missing the workshop is unavoidable then the teacher will make up time with you either personally or on line at a cost of $50.

  3. Can I have a list of all subjects included for 200hours and 360hours courses?                        Answer: this information can be found in Course Information - Subjects and Time Allocation

  4. How are the subjects organized? Do students complete one subject first then move to the next one, or do students do multiple subjects at the same time?                                                     Answer: The subjects in the 200 hour course are consecutively studied in this order: Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Philosophy and Subtle Energy, for those continuing there is further study in these subjects: Philosophy, Subtle Energy and Anatomy. Throughout the course there are weekly techniques and practical teaching experience assignments.

  5. How are the monthly workshops organized? What activities are included?                          Answer: Meditation, pranayam, asana and a Deep Peace session. Students learn the asanas and practice teaching each other. The learning of asanas includes instructions for getting in the pose, safety precautions, how to adjust and adapt and benefits.

  6. Do you recommend any yoga resources?

       Answer:  I love this  yoga therapy site

       and I love this yoga wisdom site

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