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I completed this wonderful course 4 years ago. It was one of the best things I ever did. It changed my life for the better. I especially liked how Margaret focuses on the safety aspects of asanas. I have been teaching regular asana classes ever since I graduated from the teacher training course. I would highly recommend it.


Fiona P - Meditation/Yoga Teacher



The Veda Yoga Course was extremely comprehensive on all levels. The year-long course included self-study modules supported with monthly face-to-face workshops. Teacher guidance was included for trainees to practise their skills in a supportive environment – far more practice than I have seen given in other courses. The instructor and teachers were supportive, encouraging and patient throughout the course. I loved all aspects of the course which gives teachers a thorough knowledge of yoga techniques, yoga class structure, modifying poses and classes for student differences, providing adjustments and a wonderful knowledge base of the yoga system. The deep peace taught is a favourite of mine.  As a special needs teacher, I have found my yoga teaching skills invaluable to help students develop breath awareness for calmness and yoga asanas to maintain their health. I would recommend the course for anyone wishing to deepen their yoga asana practice and understanding as well as anyone considering becoming a yoga teacher.


Marie Coppolaro -Teacher, Brisbane



The Veda Yoga course was fantastic and I have recommended many of my friends to do the course. I learnt a lot about the yoga philosophy, improving the asanas and of course how to actually teach a class. My teacher was very caring and I have learnt so much from her. Since doing the course, my confidence has improved significantly and feel much more comfortable being in front of large groups of people.


Kalindi T - Accountant, Adelaide



Veda Yoga Teacher Training is a brilliant course. I thoroughly enjoyed both the practical and the theory. Each of the modules are rich in knowledge and well presented in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. It truly is the best course I have participated in. 
Annabel Daniell - Horticulturist, Adelaide


I completed the Veda Yoga teacher training course in Yoga Asanas earlier this year.


I found the course to be challenging, informative, fun and extremely helpful in my transition from student to active teacher.


In the last year as a result of my qualification I have moved from teaching beginners classes to intermediate classes. I put this down to the high quality of the training, which equipped me with the knowledge and skills to understand posture and alignment, class construction, the focus on breathing techniques, and much more.


Another part of the course I found fascinating and enlightening and which has every day application in my life was the ancient Vedic philosophy, which has taught me so much about myself, the world we live in and what happens to me as an individual in this life and onward. This knowledge and daily practise has brought a great peace and calmness to my mind, more tolerance, less stress and much more compassion for my fellow living beings, be they human or other forms of life.


I can truly say, that this course, although a lot of work, was worth every minute and every dollar that I spent.


I would encourage anyone interested in taking their yoga asanas to a new level to consider this course.


Oh yes – I am an ex paramedic of 30 years who had a PTSD breakdown a few years ago. I am 62 years old, and my body was stiff, not very healthy, nor was my mind. This course and the practise of teaching have turned my body around to a fit, healthy person that my doctor told me last week he thought was only about 50.


Thank you to the director of the course Margaret Doyle and the many other Veda yoga teachers who help hone my skills on an ongoing basis.


Douglas Sinclair - Brisbane



"After many years of studying yoga asana, I decided to study to take the next step and become a teacher myself. I studied with Veda Yoga in 2013, and it was the best decision I made.  The flexible delivery meant I could work at my own pace on the online modules, which fitted in very well with my busy work-life as an executive assistant. The monthly intensives were the highlight where I caught up with my fellow students - many of whom are now life-long friends. We had the opportunity to ask questions about the online modules, and workshop poses. The course content is excellent with in-depth investigation into anatomy and physiology, teaching methodologies, and yoga philosophy. I can't recommend this course highly enough."


Helen, Brisbane


A number of years ago now, a yoga practitioner and long term friend of mine who knew that I had practised yoga asana’s /pranayama for many years and also knew that I was entering semi-retirement from my retail business suggested that I consider undergoing formal training to become an instructor. After quite some thought on the matter, together with an honest evaluation of my motivation, health (after all, I was middle aged at the time) and the time I had to dedicate to both academic study and personal practice, I decided to approach Veda Yoga and enrol.


The decision to enrol was made all the easier because the director of Veda Yoga, Mrs. Margaret Doyle, and her family had been known to me for about 35 years through a common interest in meditation and I knew Margaret to be a warm, intelligent, well intentioned and genuine person.

However, as I had already done considerable asana practise with another school, not as a trainee instructor but simply as a student, I wondered how I would reconcile the more vigorous/athletic brand of practise with the gentler style that I knew Margret would be offering. It soon became apparent though that Margaret wasn’t offering a prescriptive approach but rather a more general one that I was confident I could adapt, to not only my current practice and changing age-related abilities, but also to the differing levels of the many individuals I would eventually teach.


I found Margaret’s explanation of the various yoga poses and breathing techniques as thorough and professional as her guidance on how to instruct them (perhaps this was even more important!). There was plenty of in-class-role-play and this coupled with me teaching a couple of ‘guinea-pig’ mates of mine along the way had my confidence increasing with every step.

The aspect of Margaret’s course that I felt set it apart (from others I had heard about) was the philosophical aspect to the course. Mastering asanas and pranyamas is one thing, but what does one do with this finely tuned and physically fit machine we call the body? Margaret, it seemed, had all the answers in this department. The philosophy and meditation techniques taught were plain, structured, simple to understand and practical to one’s life (and to that of the lives of the students I would go onto mentoring).  Not only this but the philosophy wasn’t based on Margaret’s own limited perceptions and experiences but based on that most authentic body of yoga knowledge I came to know as the Vedas (hence the name of Margaret’s organisation).


I can thoroughly recommend the Veda Yoga course. I now teach part time (three classes a week) at a studio in Brisbane and have a regular turnout of between 80-100 students per week. I still have my ‘day job’ but my training and teaching has enriched not only my health but also my life, and I hope the lives of my students, tremendously.


John B – Retailer



If you are looking for somebody to train with to become a qualified yoga teacher then I strongly recommend the course offered by Veda Yoga Teacher Training.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course - it was very informative but easy to understand and apply and affordable. 


Carolyn T – Mother


“Before starting this course I was unsure of whether or not I would be capable of doing it, as I believed I had so much more I needed to learn and experience first. However, a series of events lead me to enrol in the course and I just thought what the heck lets go - let’s do it anyway! I am glad I did :-) . The efficacy and authenticity of the course and the teachers helping to run it were the best, they were genuinely helpful, caring and the depth and clarity of their understanding and their ability to teach this knowledge of yoga was profound.  I won't lie, this course is not a walk in the park and required me to put in a solid effort, but it was totally worth it!”


Ben Marnell - Darwin Yoga and Meditation



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