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Subjects and Time Allocation


Hours for 200-hour course.


Anatomy & Physiology: (30 hours)

This module is designed to give you a good working knowledge of the basic anatomy and physiology of our joints and muscles. You will be expected to demonstrate this knowledge during your assessed classes in regard to teaching asana and class safety. There are weekly assignments during the module with a closed book exam at its conclusion. You will be given the exam in advance to assist with your preparation. 


Yoga Philosophy: (30 hours)

Veda Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic approach to the yoga tradition and is not limited to asana only. Veda Yoga places a strong emphasis on yogic philosophy. This module includes the study of yoga scriptures including the Bhagavad-gita, Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Yoga Pradikpa. It also incorporates information on the yoga lifestyle. There are weekly assignments and an oral and written assessment of your understanding of the material at the end of the module.


Please go to Introduction to Veda Yoga Philosophy to find out more about this aspect of the course. 


Subtle Energy: (5 hours)

This module complements much of the instruction in the Philosophy module. It will give students an understanding of energy, its source, transformation, transportation, functions, and residence. You will also be introduced to bandhas and mudras. This module is the last one of the courses and students usually find it very interesting. There are weekly assignments and a written exam at the end of the course.


Teaching Methodology: (30 hours)

This module examines the skills and techniques necessary to effectively teach a yoga class. Included is information on effective communication, physical presentation, structuring a class, teacher and student safety, and an introduction as to how people learn. There are weekly assignments. Your knowledge of the information in this module is also assessed during the intensive live workshops and the assessed classes. There will be a written exam at the end of the course.


Techniques: (100 hours)

This module teaches asana, meditation, and pranayama.  More than 30 asanas are investigated with detail.s of alignment, safety modifications, approaches, and benefits.  


Students learn the VYTT meditation techniques which include the chanting of sacred mantras during Japa and kirtan. These will be practiced during the course. As part of this module, students will learn how to present a 45 minute Deep Peace class which is a combination of guided relaxation and meditation.


Practical Teaching Experience: (10 hours minimum)

This is perhaps the most critical component of the course as it specifically develops your ability to effectively and safely conduct yoga classes. 

The requirements of this module are:
1. To attend 5 qualified yoga teacher’s classes as an observer; You are to submit written reports of your experiences 

2. To teach classes under the supervision of the course director or proxy. You will receive written assessments of your performance.


It is advisable to dedicate as much time as possible to the teaching of poses and practice classes with other students, friends or family as preparation for your assessed classes and for your future role as a teacher. This important component provides students with an opportunity to put into effect those techniques explored in the Teaching Methodology and Techniques modules as well specifically developing their ability to effectively and safely conduct yoga classes.

Face to Face Trainings (60 hours)

The live training is conducted either over the net for international students or on the Gold Coast.


First Aid Certificate

It is a requirement of this course to hold a current First Aid Certificate before receiving your certificate     

Outcomes for Teacher Training Course


On successful completion of all the course requirements, students will receive a 200 or 350-hour Teacher qualification and be able to begin teaching high-quality yoga asana classes as well as Deep Peace sessions. You will receive a Veda Yoga Teacher Training Certificate which will state the subjects covered and the hours completed.

Registering with Yoga Australia


Yoga Australia is a governing body for Australian yoga asana and meditation teachers. It is not necessary to register with them but the opportunity is available for those who qualify from this course in Australia. Their only requirement for the 200-hour course is that there is a continuing mentoring relationship with a qualified teacher for another 5 months and that the course is upgraded to 350 hours within 2 years. With YA membership teachers may find it easier to apply for teacher insurance protection through their preferred insurer.


Upgrading to 350 hours


To upgrade to 350 hours the teacher can deepen their home study with the content from the extended course. This requires another 25 hours Anatomy, 10 hours Philosophy, 40 hours Practical Teaching Experience, 15 hours Subtle Energy, and 60 hours Techniques. There are no more face-to-face intensives needed.


Assessment and Exams


Exams are an important part of your assessment; they are closed book exams. You will be given the exam in advance to assist with your preparation. Students are to present five classes, which will be assessed by the course director. Assessments are also made during face-to-face intensives.



Gold Coast/Brisbane

200 hours $1700

350 hours $2200

To register please visit our Gold Coast /Brisbane Sign up page

World wide

200 hours $1700

350 hours $2200

To register please visit our Worldwide Sign up page




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