Veda Yoga Teacher Training

                           on the Gold Coast




Are you interested in training with me on the Gold Coast to be a yoga asana and meditation teacher? The Veda Yoga Teacher Training Course on the Gold Coast is now being offered as a 200 and 350 hour partial home study course. The next course is starting in February 2022.


What are my options?

Option 1: 200 hours, 7 months

Option 2: 350 hours, 12 months



Although this is largely an on-line course, prospective students must reside on or near the Gold Coast as it is a requirement to physically attend the ten intensive live training sessions and a teacher training class each month.



Course Requirements

1,  Students must be able to attend all intensive workshops. Dates of the workshops will be negotiated in the first intensive. There are ten,  6 + hour workshops during the course which are held on the Gold Coast.

2. Throughout the course attend a qualified yoga teacher’s class as an observer for a total of 5 classes.

3. At least once a month attend a teacher training class (see below).

4. Each student must have 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap.


Teacher Training Classes
These classes are held on the Gold Coast at 2241 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach,  They are an opportunity for students to gain experience teaching a sympathetic public while being supervised. The requirement is to attend at least one per month


Intensive Dates

All the dates for 2022 are yet to be finalized 
First Intensive Saturday 27th February
Second Intensive Sunday 28th February
Venue: Undecided
350-hour course,
Total cost $2 000 (this can be paid in one payment or broken down as follows)
$500 deposit plus $142 x 12 payable per month in advance. The deposit and first payment due 26 January 2022

200-hour course,


Total cost $1700 (this can be paid in one payment or broken down as follows)

$500 deposit plus $172 x 7 payable per month in advance. The deposit and first payment is due 26 January 2022



The monthly payment is non-refundable.

eg  the months fees are due at the end of the previous month so if you decide to discontinue 1 week into the next month you forfeit the fees for that month.

The $500 deposit

  • you will receive a full refund if the course is discontinued within the first three weeks. 

  • you will receive $400 refund after one month

  • $300 after 2 months

  • $200 after 3 months

  • $100 after 4 months


The full payment. 

  • Full refund less one month's fees, if course discontinued in the first three weeks 

  • Following that $100 plus the months fees are deducted from the refund for each month of tuition.