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Duration: 20 hours

12 face to face

8 home study

This short course can give you 16 points towards your yearly CPD requirements.

 You will gain a thorough knowledge of how to teach Yin Yoga with interesting theme options.

  In the near future out of towners will be able to study remotely via zoom but those lucky enough to live on or near the Gold Coast can start in September and attend in person at the beautiful ASMY studio in

Mermaid Beach

Course dates

25 September: Written work sent out 

7 October: In person training 1

11 am - 6 pm

14 October: In person training 2

11 am - 6 pm

  • About Yin Yoga: Including history, yin/yang theory and relevance

  • Anatomy specific to Yin: we expect that you already have a knowledge of anatomy for yoga. if not please enquire about our Anatomy for Yoga course 

  • Pranayama for Yin: Learn the yoga breathing techniques which will enhance the yin effect

  • Yin Poses with variations, modifications and cautions

  • Meridians and acupressure for Yin Yoga: learn about the organs and energy channels according to traditional Chinese medicine and the effects of each of the poses on this system., 

  • Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness : the quietness and long holds of the yin poses lend themselves to introspection. Learn how to guide a class through a mindfulness experience in the poses.

All enquiries


At the moment this course is only available for trained yoga teachers.

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