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Worldwide Yoga Teacher Training



Worldwide Yoga Teacher Training is a new addition to the experience of Veda Yoga teacher training.

The course can be started at any time and you will be guided through your training fully online with the care and attention of Jamuna dasi Doyle a qualified and well-trained and experienced yoga teacher.


Many online courses have minimal or no contact with the training teacher but with Veda Yoga training you can also

benefit from hours of personal tuition on line. 



What are my options?

Option 1: 200 hours, 7 months

Option 2: 350 hours, 12 months



Course Requirements

1. Throughout the course attend a qualified yoga teacher’s class as an observer for a total of 5 classes preferably not online.  

2. Find a study partner or someone willing to be practiced with and willing to give layman's feedback on your teaching skills.

3. Each student must have 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap.

4. Because the face to face communication is carried out through an online platform it is important that you have a good connection, microphone, and speakers for your computer.


Intensive Dates

There are 10 online face-to-face intensive training sessions. These are usually on an individual basis and can be set according to the availability of the student and teacher.

200-hours  $AUS 1700 (payable monthly at $172 per month + $500 deposit)
350-hours $AUS 2200(payable monthly at $142 per month + $500 deposit)

Payments are non-refundable and work will be sent out when payment is received.





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